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Sarah McCarthy


To those who may have never had the chance to know Sarah - I write this - to those who knew and loved her please continue to celebrate and remember her precious life.

Our smiling angel - She wore her heart on her sleeve. Born March 7, 1980, with a smile, Sarah Jane McCarthy began her short life in Munster, ON. Three years later Sarah was blessed with a sister, Dawn. Being a big sis was "the best" she would say. Over the years the two became more then just sisters, they became best friends. Before we knew it - Sarah was beginning school. We moved to Richmond, ON in the summer of 1986 and Sarah was entering Grade 2 that September. She made numerous friends, of course, and was loved by many teachers. When Sarah was in grade 5, she became a big sister for the second time. Robin, and addition to our family. A baby sister for Sarah at the age 10 - Sarah was a mother hen. Sarah was a kind, generous, young women who cared deeply bout the feelings of others. Her Friends (you know who you are) meant the world to Sarah. Friends Forever!

Sarah always made us, as parents, so proud to have her as a daughter. I can remember the day of her high school graduation at South Carleton high school like it was yesterday. A proud day for the whole family. "Now my future" she said. Sarah worked at Beckers in Richmond for awhile, a Pet Store in Kanata, a Coffee Shop in Stittsville - all while deciding what she actually wanted to do with her life. She decided on Travel and Tourism at Algonquin College in Ottawa. So on she went for a 3 year course. During that time, Sarah began working at the LCBO in Richmond. Her boss Dave took her under his wing - taught her everything she knew and more. She loved her co-workers, talked about them often. Sarah was a "people person," she loved the customer interaction. Sarah had told us once, that many customers came into the Richmond LCBO from surrounding towns because of the employee friendliness, and she took pride in being part of that. She quickly decided the LCBO was the place to work. Her Future plans were to work perhaps in the Merchandising/Advertising division of the LCBO someday.

Sarah’s life was all falling into place. She had met Jon, the love of her life - love at first sight. Being so much in love! The two had such a zest for life. Jon and Sarah loved to travel. They were a sociable pair. They spent most of their spare time together. The two were in the process of purchasing a home together in Richmond, of course. Life as they saw it, was rolling in all the right directions. Sarah planned to walk through the rest of her life with her best friend, her love Jon.

Then on November 27, 2005 all Sarah and Jon’s hopes and dreams were gone. Sarah’s undeserving tragic horrific death at the hands of a west way taxi driver stole her from us. This can never be forgiven. This Tragedy not only ruined our Sarah’s life but ruined the many lives she touched. This Christmas, all future family gatherings, will never be the same. There will always be that empty place at the table.

She would always sit and talk to her dad upon arriving home after being out with Jon and friends. Talking about the evenings. What a time they all had. That closeness is gone. Those special times are only memories now. Sarah will always have a special place in her dad’s heart. She could talk about anything with her dad and could always count on him to pick up her and her friends anytime, anywhere a simple phone call - he’d be there.

When I sit in silence, I can hear her laugh. It was such a contagious laugh. Our darling Sarah touched so many people lives. Her beautiful smile - everyone remarked on her pleasant happy manner and "that smile." she was a wonderful big sister to Dawn and Robin and a daughter anyone would be so proud of.

I can’t begin to thank each and every friend individually, so please accept this tribute to our Sarah as our family’s "Thank you." To Jon’s family and ours, to our many friends for all your help during this tragic time. Thank you for all the food contributions, flowers, donations received, words of comfort and for just being there for us. We love you all.

A special thanks to Father Penny for his prayers for Sarah and her Family and for being there for us.

The many folks we "just" met because they were honoured to know Sarah was "unbelievable." She touched the hearts and lives of so many. I know that her family will not be the only ones feeling a huge void and missing her terribly, you will too. We can find some comfort in knowing our Sarah was met at heavens gates by her great-grandparents, grandparents, infant cousin Joe and her good friends Greg and Andy- They’re all together on the Polar Bear express!!!!

On that note, hug your children often, big or small, as life is certainly much too short. One doesn’t realize just how precious life is until it’s gone.

From the bottom of our hearts Thank you all so much,
Sean, Pam, Dawn, Robin, Jon and Jackson

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