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We want the public to be aware of a police report we were fortunate enough to receive.  Hopefully this will be enough for the public to be aware of Mr. Jaber's (the taxi cab driver) past incidents.  This is one of the many reasons we will not give up our fight for Justice for Sarah.  We hope with this information the public will continue to support us or at least be aware of Mr. Jaber's (the taxi cab driver) other actions of disgust and why we feel so strongly in getting our story out there.  Something must be done or someone must be held responsible for our beautiful Sarah’s death.  We must prevent this from happening to another innocent person.  We are attaching a letter written to the taxi board by another victim, along with her police report - same driver - Mr. Jaber.

In Detective Jones police notes he states - overall path clearly shown by drag/ skid marks from beginning to end!

WHY WOULD … Stg. Murrell tell our family the scene was not secure, thus became contaminated.

Along come another cabbie on 417, he sees a fellow cabbie (Jaber) pulled over, he has a passenger by the name of Shannon in his cab - he picked her up from O’Connors. He stops his cab & Shannon (a nurse) gets out and goes to Sarah. At this point Sarah is deceased.

Shannon makes a statement at police station. Dec 5, 2005. As part of her statement she is asked some questions.
WHY WOULD.. Sgt Murrell of our Ottawa Police Service simply state to our family that what the cab driver said to Shannon was “just cabbie talk”.

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