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Memorials for Sarah
Trans Canada Trail
Sarah’s name has been added to a plaque on the Trans Canada Trail.  To get to the Pavilion, where the plaque is located, take Commissioner Drive off the Bronson and Albert Street intersection.  The Pavilion is located on the NCC path right across the road from “The Mill” restaurant and close to Portage Bridge.  Parking is available in surrounding lots or metered parking right on Wellington Street just steps from the Pavilion.  Please see pictures below.

Trans Canada Trail

Sarah McCarthy

Memorial bench in Richmond Memorial Park And CenotaphMemorial Bench

Richmond Ontario

Golf Tournaments in memory of Sarah
Sarah McCarthy's 7th Annual Golf Tournament

Aug. 10th 2013 ..keep open on your Calendars, its Sarah McCarthy 7th Annual Golf Tourney.

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Poems for Sarah

A Poem read for Sarah at her funeral by her sister Robin:
A Very Special Sister
For many years we've shared our lives
One roof we once lived under
Sometimes we laughed, sometimes we cried
Through winter storms and thunder
The younger years have faded fast
We've gone our seperate ways
But through all time our friendship lasts
Our bond in life remains
As summer brings the happy times
The autumn winds will whisper
A closer friend I'd never find
Than the one I call my Sister.

Sarah, you weren't just our sister you were our best friend and we're going to miss you deeply! We love you

A Poem from Sarah's cousin Colleen:

Poem by Colleen

A Poem by Sarah's Cousin Kaitlyn Williams, age 13:
A life is so easily given
That many don’t question their own
They watch as others perish before them
With nothing but a single glance
A life is taken by many hands
The hands of fate
The fallen hands of hope and love
And the hand of a single event
As time passes and life goes on
The memories do not disappear
Just fade into shadow of what was once a glorious masterpiece
The one that is lost is not the dead
But the one living who is unable to recolour the life they were given
If they are able to colour then no one’s life taken away will be in vain

A Poem by Sarah's Cousin Jackie Hopper:
  Though you've been with us for only a certain amount of time
  What you left us with
  Forever remains dear
  Many lives you've touched
  In your own special way
  Your smile is your sunshine
  That cascaded radiantly about
  It clung to those you cared so deep
  Now whenever I think of you
  I remeember always
  In dedication to Sarah, a cousin I'll always remember fondly of... 

Favourite Memories of Sarah

Sarah touched so many people, that this page is dedicated to family and friends who would like to share a favorite memory or story.  If you'd like to add a memory please e-mail me at webmaster@justiceforsarah.com .


Remembering all the fun times Sarah and I had at work at the LCBO and our
little talks we would have about Love and life. I miss my little sister soo
much, but know she is keeping and eye on me from above. Love and Miss you.

"When the three of us, Sarah, Robin and Dawn had to share a room for a good
month or two while the basement was being renovated.  It was cozy, and we
had our fights, but in the end we all had a good laugh at the things we
said or did when we were stuck together.  We will never forget that."
Dawn and Robin

 "Sitting in a 1970-something acadian scooter at my Nanny's
farm listening to the radio, talking about where we would go if we just
had a driver's license!" - Shanna

 "All Those Times Up At Jon's Huntcamp...those Nights Were
Always So Much Fun!" - Dawn

 "The night we discovered The Polar Bear Express in
Kingston.  That was just one of the many fun and everlasting memories
with my sister Sarah." - Dawn

"Our Family Reunion last summer, only one of many" - Courtney

 "NKOTB. Come on all you older female cousins you know what I'm talking about. You too Aunt Pam"   Colleen

 "Sarah asking how do you do "that dance move" of course.
Always cutting a rug!" - Tracey

 "Ya Colleen, that is one of many great memories for me
with Sarah , Dawn And You.  It 'was' my first concert after all!  We all
enjoyed ourselves." - Pam

 "When she babysat me and my brother Brandon when my parents
went out" - Megan

"At Grandma Rea's house and at our house....many a time
that we all gathered at Grandma Rea's house and the few times spent at
our place for an afternoon with all The Rea Women !!! and then in recent
times, a few Richmond Fair Parade Days spent at the McCarthy household
and Sarah, just waking up ..past noon...wild night before..lol ??!!!!" - Jacki

"Have so many fond memories of Sarah.  To name a few,
summers spent in Richmond and Conn, Florida And NKOTB for aure Colleen.
My favourite memory of Sarah is the way it felt like we had just seen
each other yesterday, every time we were together."- Lisa

"When I was in Peewee Hockey at a tournament in Kingston,
Leanne invited Sarah along for the trip so she wouldn't be bored out of
her mind. Turned out those two had a better time then anybody.  I had no
idea why, but they were laughing at everything I said and they couldn't stop
smiling. I thought I was the funniest guy in the world.  A couple years
later I found out what made me so funny, Haha. I'll always remember that."- Mark

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